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July 2024 - Ahrefs Overview

The Challenge

Since 2021, has partnered with to enhance its online presence in a competitive SEO tools market. The primary challenges included improving search engine rankings amidst numerous competitors, increasing organic traffic through high-quality, SEO-friendly content, enhancing user engagement by refining user experience and site navigation, and acquiring high-quality backlinks to boost domain authority. Our mission was to develop and implement customized SEO strategies to overcome these challenges, ultimately driving significant growth and success for

The Approach

To tackle the challenges faced by, focused on a strategic backlink acquisition campaign to build high-quality, authoritative backlinks, significantly boosting domain authority and search engine rankings. We targeted reputable sites for link-building opportunities, created valuable content for guest posts, and leveraged relationships with industry influencers to enhance link profiles. Additionally, we addressed technical SEO issues and made targeted on-page optimizations to support the backlink strategy, ensuring a comprehensive approach to improving the site’s overall search engine performance and user engagement.

The Results has achieved significant milestones in search engine performance. We successfully surpassed 5 million in organic traffic and are currently ranking for over 89,000+ keywords. Our strategic backlink acquisition campaign and technical SEO improvements have substantially boosted domain authority and online visibility. These efforts have led to measurable results and consistent growth, demonstrating the effectiveness of our tailored SEO strategies.


89,116+ Top-Positioned Organic Keywords!

Client Feedback on SEO Project Outcomes

See what the client says about our work. has seen remarkable improvements in search engine rankings and organic traffic since partnering with Their strategic approach to backlink acquisition and technical SEO has significantly enhanced our domain authority and online visibility. The team’s expertise and dedication to our project have been evident in the measurable results and consistent growth we’ve experienced. We appreciate their tailored strategies and commitment to our success, making them a valuable partner in our ongoing digital marketing efforts.

Tausif Akram

Founder / CEO at

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