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Competitive SEO Package To Dominate The Toughest Niches

Keywords are more complex than people think. Each keyword is weighted differently, some keywords are ‘magical’ in making your site the most competitive. Many SEO agencies shy away from using certain keywords, but we design and deliver strategies which will make you top all competition.

Competitive Organic Seo Package
We offer aggressive commercial SEO solutions, you can target up to 50 keywords.
Website Audit
20 Pages Optimized
Keyword Research
Keyword Grouping
Keyword Mapping
SEO Road Map
Blog Creation
Directory Listing
Webpage Copywriting
Title Tag Optimization
Meta Description Optimization
Meta Keyword Optimization
Domain Redirect Optimization
.xml Sitemap Optimization
Robots.txt Check
URL Rewrites
Broken Link Report
Google Analytics Check & Installation
Google Search and Console Installation
Facebook Page Creation
Google+ Account Creation
Twitter Account Creation
3 Magazine/News Placement
2 Blog Post Outreach
1 On-Site Blog Post Content
Video Creation and Submission
7 Blog Post Outreach
7 Magazine/News Placement
Press Release Creation and Submission
PDF Creation and Submission
2 On-Site Blog Post Content
2 (Submitted to 3 sites) Video Creation and Submission

What Is Competitive SEO?

Competitive SEO uses on-page tactics with increased optimization and very aggressive off-page optimization which is inclusive of extra top-quality content placed straight onto your page and also placed on high-ranking blog and news sites. It is a much more intensive SEO package for businesses. Our Competitive SEO packages have more keywords, much more content, a more diverse content portfolio, and more rank building activities. This package is primarily used by large corporations and businesses in highly competitive industries, this package doesn’t focus on specific keywords, it is focused on targeting the keywords that everyone wants. This is achieved through the use of the highest quality back links.

Competitive SEO uses similar on-page tactics with more optimization and incredibly aggressive off-page optimization including additional high-quality content directly on the page and on high-authority blogs and news sites across the web.

Usually used by corporations and businesses in high-competition niches, such as lawyers or insurance providers, competitive SEO doesn’t just target a keyword, it targets keywords that everybody wants and few actually achieve. Diversified off-page optimization and only the best backlinks are the key to success.

Competitive SEO Packages Designed and Executed By Experts

If your business is in a highly competitive industry, this is the package you need to ensure maximum optimization to push your business to the top. guarantee to achieve this for you through the use of link acquisition and content strategies that are better than your competition.

Much more exciting content that our non-competitive packages. Each and every word we use has been chosen to ensure that the maximum value is added to your site to entice customers to stay on your website.

This competitive package includes video outlet setup and monthly video creation and uploads, these videos are designed to make the visiting customers experience memorable.

We offer guaranteed blog outreach, new placements through various media, PDF submissions and press releases though top-quality link building which is adjusted on a month my month basis.

Our dashboard allows for full transparency so that you can manage leads and keep on top of things.

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