Full-length Articles (up to 1000 words)


This service is perfect if you are a business looking for magazine type content.



* We use only native English speakers to write our articles, thus ensuring they are perfected to the highest standard and are written in accordance to your specific requirements and contain minimal errors.
* We employ on-site editors who will ensure that all articles are checked against your specific requirements and will also ensure that each article meets the industry standards.
* All our content is uniquely written to match your requirements by our team of writers.
* Our articles are all checked against Copyscape for your peace of mind.
* Many of our articles have a Flesch-score of above 50, if the article is of high technical specification, the Flesch-score may be lower.
* All articles can be revised on request.

Product details

Using the specifications, you provide to us, our team of highly skilled professional native speaking English writers, will carry out all necessary research using several trusted sources and tools which are available to us. The information that you provide to us in the original brief, can however be more valuable and can help our writers produce a better article for your business.

We ensure that our team of writers are educated to degree level from English speaking top universities, and our editorial team all have experience in publishing, news or digital media.


1. When will my article arrive?
We have a 7-day turnaround from the receipt of the completed brief.

2. Can content be industry specific?
Of course, our team of writers are professionals who will carry out all necessary research to ensure your article matches your industry, we need to know only how you want it written and you can detail this in the clients brief.

3. How is my article written?
Once we have received your completed brief, our writers carry out all necessary research and prepare your article, ensure all editing is done and send your article to be checked by our inhouse editors prior to your receiving it.

4. Can you regularly write articles for me?
Of course, we can! We will assign a project manager to you, so you have a contact who can make all the necessary arrangements.

5. What if I want to revise the article?
Each article bought from us can be revised only once, it is simple to do this, just contact your project manager via email with the required revisions and they will arrange it for you.

6. Can you publish the articles for me?
No, we only write the articles deliver them to you, it is up to you to publish them.