Premium Infographics


Our premium package offers infographics with up to 25 data points researched and designed by professional creative designers, included in the price is all the research needed on the chosen topic, the use of premium stock photos and authentic original design delivered to you digitally within 20 days.



* Up to 25 researched data points coordinated and presented in a cohesive story.
* Inclusive of necessary research using Statista, Pew Research, Harvard Business Review and many other top research sites.
* Delivered to you digitally within 20 days
* All our infographics are 100% authentic and created specifically to your requirements.
* Premium infographic designs are advanced with the use of custom graphics.
* Includes the use of premier stock images and designs.
* Infographics can be revised up to four times.
* Available in all sizes (must specify in brief)
* Infographics can be delivered in all major files types: .jpg, .png, .pdf, .eps or .tiff