Link Clean-up (Medium)


Our medium link clean-up package is designed for websites that have a history of Webmaster warnings or penalties. The package is completely trouble free and provides up to 7500 historical backlinks and we can remove up to 600 links.




For 7500 links or less and one reconsideration request.

* Our service will make analysis of ALL active backlinks and create a full audit, identify all bad backlinks and domains that will need to be removed.
* We will contact all domain webmasters connected to any bad links and request the removal of them.
* With the use of Google Disavow, we can remove links that are not removed through the manual outreach within 30 days.
* The package includes: Google Search Console setup (if you don’t already have), Link Assessment Reports, Link Removal Reports, Content Quality Evaluation, Page Testing ad Google Violation Testing.
* One reconsideration request on website penalty after the link detox has finished.

Product Details

* Download backlinks from Webmaster
* Run
* Classify Toxic links list
* Run tool
* Remove toxic backlinks
* Clear view of backlink make up
* Qualifying each backlinks health
* Anchor text extraction
* Risk level analysis
* URL trust factor assessment
* C Class Sub Net Diversity
* Link Percentage Risk Evaluation
* In Link URL Inclusion Report
* Exportable backlinks list to Excel
* Raw data backlink list

Link Clean Up Tools

* Without an active webmaster warning
* No manual penalties
* More than 2000 but less than 7,500 historical backlinks
* Less than 1000 legacy domains
* Link Building Years: more than 3 but less than 5
* Remove up to 600 links
Setup, Review, and Campaign Process
* 3 Day Preliminary Backlink Analysis
* Google Webmaster Tools
* GWT Link Extraction and Analysis
* Enrollment into Detox
* Link Toxicity Review
* @Domain E-mail Registration
* RMOOV Account Setup
* Campaign Launch
* Link Removal Report Analysis
* Disavow File Creation

Google Search Console on Page Testing

* On Page Google Violation Testing
* Look at 1 page for spam violations
* Content Quality Evaluation
* Link Assessment Report
* Link Removal Report
* .txt Disavow File Inclusion